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3 myths busted about fingerprint security ?

P.C. Helpline: Fernvale Computer Repair. Fingerprints have long been viewed as the ultimate identifier, unique only to you and impossible to steal, which is why fingerprint readers have become integral to smartphone and mobile device security. So, it seems, these gadgets must now be at their most secure. Well, not quite. We […]

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Social media security in the Workplace – 5 questions answered ?

P.C. Helpline – Computer Repairs Fernvale. Since it’s Social Media Day today, there is likely to be an increased focus on the impact of social media and the way it is used by businesses across the world. Social media use has skyrocketed for businesses all over the world, with many companies using it […]

Security questions to ask before clicking on a link ?

P.C. Helpline. Computer Repair Fernvale. URLs used to be a nice and simple way to link to an online destination without a long and fiddly URL, but in today’s world of advancing cyber-crime they can lead to password and data theft, even drive-by-download malware attacks. So ask yourself these five questions before […]

Windows and software updates are important

Ignoring software updates ❓

P.C. Helpline.  Fernvale Computer Repairs  If you’re Ignoring software updates, you’re making one of five basic security mistakes. ? Cyber-crime has quickly become a major problem for businesses, governments and citizens all over the globe. While awareness of this multifaceted threat is increasing, some of us are still making the same blunders […]