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Make your slow computer faster with a full clean and tune up

Computer Repair Fernvale

Speed up your slow computer with a total clean and tune up.

Just like people, computers don’t always age without problems. A once quick and flexible machine becomes tired and sluggish. Sometimes, minutes are required to boot up, and what seems like hours are required to open a website.

The Computer technicians at P.C. Helpline have a solution for fixing tired, slow computers, by doing a complete, computer check, clean and tune-up.

The benefits and details from this service are listed below:

1. Full System Analysis.

A thorough inspection and scan of your systems hardware and software will determine how best to address the slow speed issue.
The hardware inspection detects potential problems with cooling fans, hard drive, ram, motherboard and other internal components.
The software scan looks for and finds possible issues such as corrupted system files, registry issues and hidden malware infections that have gotten past your virus scanner.

2. Hard drive check and backup.

The computer’s hard drive stores all your information such as music, photos and documents as well as the operating system, example: Windows 10
Unfortunately, hard drive failures are common and can happen without warning. It can be devastating to lose precious photos and documents, so we take this step very seriously.
Our computer tech will check the hard drive for serious problems, before starting any other work and if problems are found, they can backup your data to a safe place on an external drive. We also offer a professional data recovery service in Fernvale, for broken and damaged hard drives.

3. Internal dust removal.

The normal operation of a computer generates heat and this heat needs to be dispersed to keep the computer cool and to run efficiently.
Natural dust build-up in internal cooling fans and heatsinks prevents heat dispersion and can cause severe damage to your computer.
Our technician will test and monitor the system’s temperature before and after the procedure to ensure your computer is running within the manufacturer’s recommended range.

4. Clean and reseat internal components.

When a computer is new, electrical signal between connected internal components is as good as it should be for everyday use. Over time, fine corrosion builds up on the connections and the signal is weakened. This can cause computer slowdowns, and lockups.
For optimal efficiency, our computer technician will check, clean the electrical contacts and re-seat the internal components.

5. Check for and remove hidden malware.

It doesn’t matter how careful you are or what antivirus you have installed on your computer, viruses and malware can and do sneak in and embed themselves in your system.
It is a constant battle between the unscrupulous individuals that create the viruses and the antivirus companies.
Most really bad viruses do their best work when they are hidden from view and most people have no idea the virus is running on their system, collection and sending personal info such as login passwords and bank account details back to the virus creator.
Our computer technicians use a variety of techniques to find and destroy any malware or virus infections, without loss of your important photos and files.

6. Operating system junk build-up and removal.

From the day your computer first started, till now and into the future, hidden temporary files & registry entries are created, used and generally not discarded by the operating system.
For smooth running of your computer, these temporary files and registry entries should be cleaned out regularly by a professional.
If done incorrectly, your software programs could be damaged or at worst, the system may fail to boot.
P.C. Helpline’s computer techs will ensure all unneeded temp files, and registries entries are professionally removed so your computer will be happier and run a lot better.

7. Consult with Professional Computer Technicians.

Our friendly computer techs can explain more about the services we offer, in plain English.
They will give you an honest opinion about your computer or computing dramas and will recommend the best and most cost efficient course of action for each individual client.

Contact PC Helpline today for all computer problems and solutions.

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