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Data recovery by professional computer Technicians in Fernvale

Data Recovery Fernvale

Do you need data recovery because you’ve lost family photos, videos or important documents?

PC Helpline has been recovering data, lost pictures, videos, music, family and confidential company documents, for over 10 years.

Data can be recovered from all kinds of storage media, desktops, laptops, external hard drives, USB drives and memory cards.

To safeguard your files and to minimise any further damage, please turn off your computer or unplug your storage device before contacting us.

Data Recovery Service in Fernvale.

? Honest, Professional and Fast service.
You will be told what the problem is, how long it will take and how much it will cost at all times before proceeding with any data recovery work. We pride ourselves in being honest, ethical and helpful.
? Privacy and confidentiality assured.
Our job is to help you get your lost data back.
All of your data will be kept secure, private and confidential at all times.

To ensure the most successful recovery with your precious data,

Contact PC Helpline now, and talk to a professional data recovery technician in our Fernvale shop.


Fernvale data recovery Technicians.

Our data recovery experts can retrieve lost files, from media and devices, including but not limited to:

  • Laptops : Desktops : Tablets
  • Portable USB Storage Devices
  • And Desktop USB Hard Drives
  • SD, MiniSD, xD, CompactFlash

Common Reasons For Data Loss:

Hard Drive Failure
Hard drives tend to fail after a certain number of hours of operation. They are not made to last forever, as some people may think. In addition, a sudden shock (like dropping a laptop or hard drive) and voltage surges can damage the parts inside them, affecting the devices ability to operate as it should.
Reformatted Hard Drive
Reformatting a hard drive wipes it clean of all previous files. People reformat their hard drive for various reasons, forgetting that there are files on it that they need to keep. To the non-professional, it may appear, your files have been lost forever, however, the data that was overwritten can still be recovered using powerful recovery software.
Accidental File Deletion
There are times when we accidentally delete files, without even realising it. This may happen when we intend on deleting particular files but end up deleting other ones instead.
Corrupted Files
File corruption occurs as a result of virus infections, saving data on bad sectors, and power failure. Viruses tend to infect files, changing their structure and hence making them unusable. Unknowingly, a user might save data on bad sectors, i.e. areas on a hard drive that are already corrupted. Also, power failures that occur while a file is being edited, copied, or transferred can also corrupt the file since it was in a transitive state that had not been completed.
System Failure
This can be a person’s worst nightmare. When a computer fails to boot and you are unable to access your files. This generally happens at the worst possible time. System failure can be as a result of a failed hard drive, motherboard failure, corrupted or malfunctioning RAM, or even a dead power supply.
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